Wednesday, 1 August 2012

It has been a rather eventfully couple of months since I last posted on this blog, which resulted in the lack of posts but from now on I plan to post up at least once a week. I will post up not only art work I'm doing but art works I like and why, animations and animes (critiquing them as well as promoting them) comics I'm able to view( this will be more in future when I'm earning more money and and able to afford them) mangas, games and finally (without this next thing this frankly, this blog wouldn't be mine) desserts and cakes I have eaten and where to get them.

 First of all how ever I would like to declare I have started my first ever job. It is a night shift job restocking a shop. The job is only temporary, but it does earn me some money while I look for a more permanent job to help fund my art practise. It occurred to me on this job thought that there is so much art potential here. There was one night I was ripping up cardboard boxes to be compressed when I looked over at the trolly I was loading the boxes into and realise that it was a rather strong sculptural piece. It had a dominating presents standing there with parts of its sides covered in shrink-wrap yet blowing in the air when someone passed it.

 Also on a bright note I passed my degree with a 2:1 which I am happy about, and also annoyed at the same time, but I passed in style. The final piece that put into for my final show where two sewn paintings of me gaming. One red and one yellow. The twist on this however was the fact the work spoke to grab the attention of the audience to look at it more of be distracted by the noise from the following piece. I really enjoyed working with sound and as a practical joker at heart I found a new avenue that I can take with me artwork as well as about 5 others

 Areas I am trying now are:
 getting back to painting
 improving my drawing
 producing animations
 continue exploring the potential of sewing
 explore sound and film.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Right this is some work in the making for my degree show . but not long left so need to get a move on.

these are about half way done at this point updated versions will be up loaded early next week and then the final look in my degree show exhibition.
This is an altered remake of the work 'Martyr Complex'. This is called ‘Super Complex’ done in thread of canvas. It’s on a scale 122cmx90cm. this particular work I am entering into a competition tomorrow so wish me luck to win it =]

Monday, 20 February 2012

This is some old work that I have done, butI have started to see how good it actually was, is there still potential in this? The answer really is yes. I should try it with different coloured back grounds, and in neon thread in a darkened room ? maybe i planed to do this a while ago but lacked the time required to do so I did a number of superman works, but any figure if in the right sort of pose could work for this its something i have been trying to pursue but at present the machine produced This is probably the best superman I have done. Its a triple layered image giving an impression of movement of that it didn't want to be fully seen. I like this sort of idea having something visible to a degree but hidden at the same time it really is something I need to look to doing in this last semester of university. Is that my own impression of how i am mysterious but being able to be seen maybe it is, maybe I am putting my own identity and legacy into my work? The work is hand sewn and took about 2 weeks to do but from a distance looks hand drawn. Photobucket Martyr Complex, Photobucket This next one was from a page in the superman comic that i edited, and dissolved all the colour so that just background. Just leaving the image form of clark kent, but how he looks he could be anyone now the lines he is done in are breaking and distorting his appearance only slightly. this was due to the fact it was all done in stitch but looks from a distance like it is hand drawn just like 'Martyr Complex' i never intend to sell this work but i thought i would show it. it gives me inspiration reminds me of something i do when i stair into space. Photobucket finally i did this work called superman suicide i thought it was convenient with a thought of what would happen if he gave up really on life because all in all he couldn't fit in this was rather and obvious thought but really how would he be able to kill himself would he have the motivation to do it ? with trying to save everyone? i don't know but its composition i liked. This was more like painting like than sewn.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

this photo isn't the best i need to get a better one

This is my latest work of my friend and house mate angus playing on his xbox. what drew me to do this was the fact he always tranced out when playing on the xbox, but he had such an arrogant charm. This wasn't from a staged even he just happened to be playing his xbox, and I was like is it ok if I took some photos of you playing.

Its a pretty big pieces of work of 80x60 inches and is thread and die on canvas.  To be honest I think this is only half way there, and I plan to sew into the controller more especially. Im still in debate about the rest of it. i decided to not do it in realistic colours, but in an almost photoshop filter style. I wasn't intending to comment on photoshop, but this really does. The fact photos, and photoshop don't take long to do compared to sewing, its something we take for granted these days, of requiring patience and the willingness to create something that isn't instant. something thats work on can show passion I would understand someone getting bored with this but its the perseverance that is to be admired

This work is to look at duality of people of life and ever everything we take for granted.  There will be more to follow so just keep an eye on this space.

thanks zack