Wednesday, 11 January 2012

this photo isn't the best i need to get a better one

This is my latest work of my friend and house mate angus playing on his xbox. what drew me to do this was the fact he always tranced out when playing on the xbox, but he had such an arrogant charm. This wasn't from a staged even he just happened to be playing his xbox, and I was like is it ok if I took some photos of you playing.

Its a pretty big pieces of work of 80x60 inches and is thread and die on canvas.  To be honest I think this is only half way there, and I plan to sew into the controller more especially. Im still in debate about the rest of it. i decided to not do it in realistic colours, but in an almost photoshop filter style. I wasn't intending to comment on photoshop, but this really does. The fact photos, and photoshop don't take long to do compared to sewing, its something we take for granted these days, of requiring patience and the willingness to create something that isn't instant. something thats work on can show passion I would understand someone getting bored with this but its the perseverance that is to be admired

This work is to look at duality of people of life and ever everything we take for granted.  There will be more to follow so just keep an eye on this space.

thanks zack

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