Monday, 20 February 2012

This is some old work that I have done, butI have started to see how good it actually was, is there still potential in this? The answer really is yes. I should try it with different coloured back grounds, and in neon thread in a darkened room ? maybe i planed to do this a while ago but lacked the time required to do so I did a number of superman works, but any figure if in the right sort of pose could work for this its something i have been trying to pursue but at present the machine produced This is probably the best superman I have done. Its a triple layered image giving an impression of movement of that it didn't want to be fully seen. I like this sort of idea having something visible to a degree but hidden at the same time it really is something I need to look to doing in this last semester of university. Is that my own impression of how i am mysterious but being able to be seen maybe it is, maybe I am putting my own identity and legacy into my work? The work is hand sewn and took about 2 weeks to do but from a distance looks hand drawn. Photobucket Martyr Complex, Photobucket This next one was from a page in the superman comic that i edited, and dissolved all the colour so that just background. Just leaving the image form of clark kent, but how he looks he could be anyone now the lines he is done in are breaking and distorting his appearance only slightly. this was due to the fact it was all done in stitch but looks from a distance like it is hand drawn just like 'Martyr Complex' i never intend to sell this work but i thought i would show it. it gives me inspiration reminds me of something i do when i stair into space. Photobucket finally i did this work called superman suicide i thought it was convenient with a thought of what would happen if he gave up really on life because all in all he couldn't fit in this was rather and obvious thought but really how would he be able to kill himself would he have the motivation to do it ? with trying to save everyone? i don't know but its composition i liked. This was more like painting like than sewn.

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