Wednesday, 1 August 2012

It has been a rather eventfully couple of months since I last posted on this blog, which resulted in the lack of posts but from now on I plan to post up at least once a week. I will post up not only art work I'm doing but art works I like and why, animations and animes (critiquing them as well as promoting them) comics I'm able to view( this will be more in future when I'm earning more money and and able to afford them) mangas, games and finally (without this next thing this frankly, this blog wouldn't be mine) desserts and cakes I have eaten and where to get them.

 First of all how ever I would like to declare I have started my first ever job. It is a night shift job restocking a shop. The job is only temporary, but it does earn me some money while I look for a more permanent job to help fund my art practise. It occurred to me on this job thought that there is so much art potential here. There was one night I was ripping up cardboard boxes to be compressed when I looked over at the trolly I was loading the boxes into and realise that it was a rather strong sculptural piece. It had a dominating presents standing there with parts of its sides covered in shrink-wrap yet blowing in the air when someone passed it.

 Also on a bright note I passed my degree with a 2:1 which I am happy about, and also annoyed at the same time, but I passed in style. The final piece that put into for my final show where two sewn paintings of me gaming. One red and one yellow. The twist on this however was the fact the work spoke to grab the attention of the audience to look at it more of be distracted by the noise from the following piece. I really enjoyed working with sound and as a practical joker at heart I found a new avenue that I can take with me artwork as well as about 5 others

 Areas I am trying now are:
 getting back to painting
 improving my drawing
 producing animations
 continue exploring the potential of sewing
 explore sound and film.

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