Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Each of the 3 canvases below are drawn from existing images but rescaled by sight to a scale of 122X76cm


For another friend Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist 

A Banner for Myself.

Next is a banner I'm making for myself of Kenpachi Zaraki from the anime/manga Bleach. I really liked this particular image. It has a cam tension as if something’s about to happen. When I go to dye it I was thinking of dyeing it red and then applying simple black white and a pale flesh tone. Keeping it simple yet something that will stand out.  


Hallo been a long time coming, but here is one of the banners I am making for my friend Simon. He and I both like the anime/manga series of Spice and Wolf so I am making him this banner as a late birthday/ Christmas present. This is at an early stage in its development where it is just a stitch drawing as now I get to add colour via dye and more coloured threads. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

For the next step

For a start to get me motivated I’ve been watching anime. Anime and manga is a passion of mine it does influence how I see things and inspires me to want to produce artwork. 

Currently I have decided to watch ‘Naruto’ from the beginning season one. I love some of the still frames in it. I also like how its playful it can be, and how it has shots in it that really make me think how could I have that be reproduced in the real world. 

Lately as presents for friends I have been producing banner like art as like fan art to some anime shows and games but realize it actually goes beyond that. I don’t look at it totally like a fan with what the character means or signifies within its own idiom concepts I see it as good artwork with crisp lines and able to move a audience with just that.  

Next post will be tomorrow when I have some daylight to show you how far I’ve gotten on my current ones.

At long last

It has been some time since I last posted anything on here and for that I apologies. I have been court up in a fair amount of drama. But it got me thinking about what do I want. With art I realized I would be wise to go back to the beginning and learn anew looking at different ways to draw different mark making, so that my own style will shine through. I want to be able to get to a stage where I can literally make people up and characters.

I also realize to be more productive I will have to work on a smaller scale even though I prefer to work larger. Working large at the moment is taking a long time so I feel mini projects could be explore to great use. As well as starting up some animations.